• To My Sweet Darling Rain ..My Eternal Love

    Nicky (EvaLillaMirella)

    My love for you is deep and true.
    No matter what you do, I'll always be there for you.
    No matter where you go, I'll always be there beside you.
    Till the day I die My love will always stay true to you.


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  •   My Forever Valentine



      Some love is just passing
    on to someone new
    Our love is enduring
    all that we've been through

    Some love lasts a moment
    a fancy of the mind
    Our love will last forever
    it's the lifetime kind

    Our yesterdays are over
    our tomorrows will in time
    Our today is filled with love
    My forever Valentine!


     Forever Yours, My Love.


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  • Love Poem



    There is a cloud full of kisses
    Floating across the sea tonight
    After several near hits and misses
    These kisses have taken flight

    They are on their way to see you
    They blend into the starry sky
    When they get there, they will free you
    Any tears in your eyes they will dry

    There is a message that they carry
    Meant for your lips alone
    That my love for you will not vary
    Through a hurricane or cyclone

    I know these kisses will find their way
    And soon be part of an exchange
    Because I love you night and day
    And honey, that's not about to change..


    © Sir Daniel



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